Monday, 9 July 2012

Well hello,
This is my first post in Malevolent, This is a blog spot about my novel that is posted on and it is in Hardback and eBook format as well as on iBookstore and for the Nook at Barnes

The book ah yes it is a dark twisted tale of serial murder and death mixed in with a huge amount of supernatural entities called the insiders who feed off of our human emotions mostly fear and lust. The story follows a couple of main characters who are based right here in Adelaide, South Australia and there are lots of landmarks in the book. I will post often as an update for you all but I warn you this is a dark and insideous story! It has been called evil and just plain disturbing. I am not a mad serial killer and I am not a depraved human but the facts are thet we as human beings do this to others on a daily basis all around the world.

Yes its confronting and yes diturbing at times but I hope if you do go on to read the novel you will see it for what it is a story based on true life serial killings here in Adelaide committed by "The Family" and "The Truro Murders" and also the "Bodies in the barrels"