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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Realisation of a murderer - Chapter 7 Teaser

Chapter 7 - Play time
“Breaking news this hour – a sixteen year old youth was murdered tonight in the West Heidelberg area in an area known to be a spot frequented by male prostitutes, the police have not yet released a statement at this time but it is believed they are interviewing possible witnesses at the scene”. ……..”In sport…….

Turn it off, that’s it shit did someone see me, damn that steak was nice, medium rare just how I like it. Who saw me someone in the houses, another homo maybe, shit, stay calm, the hire car they can find me by the car, track me, and trace my whereabouts. Torch it! That’s it I’ll torch it and that way if they do know its me they will think my car was stolen, but why would u murderer drive a murder suspect car back here why not dump it somewhere else?
Think, cameras, they will know anyway there are cameras all over this place, shit I’m fucked now. My Head is thumping. They can’t know too much or else they would be here by now. Deep breath, stay calm what sort of killer are you! Ok let’s get some sleep gotta spend two hours in the gym tomorrow morning.
Dark and she’s snoring again! Ah well roll over, shit the cat knows I’m awake, damn she can purr loud, never mind I’ll pet her till I fall asleep again. She is such a loving little thing; she needs a brush, hair all over the place, getting up my nose. I’m a serial killer and no one knows!
Thank god daylight, I’ll shuffle over and cuddle up and see if I get a rise. Damn I love her arse! She can be a bitch but she has the best arse in the world and she knows I love it to. I’ll Massage her cheeks and run my hand up her nighty, that’s it don’t flinch, oh my heart is pounding and my cock is a rigid as a steel bar. That’s it baby, just relax her nipple is reacting and I can hear her breathing starting to increase slightly. There it goes the thighs are starting to move which means she’s getting a tingle. Kiss her neck that’s it, face full of hair but hey what you going to do. She’s rolling over; her tongue is running softly around my mouth. Pinch the flesh softly, that’s it her legs are opening. Her hands on my cock, oh this is nice slide my hand inside her panties and tease her clit out into the open air; damn that thing is ready for a sucking. Wet your finger tip from her vagina that’s it now gently rub the nub, that’s it open up baby. What’s this hand on my head pushing me down, oh Sally you love the tongue don’t you baby! Now slowly just touch it with the tip of your tongue, now blow on it, and the tip again, gentle that’s it now take the whole thing in my mouth and lick towards her hole. She’s moaning now.
“Don’t stop Charles I’m almost there”.
Then a shudder and the taste of exploding pulsating pussy fills my mouth as the second, third and fourth wave of orgasm fills her senses.
“Stick it in……Hurry……I want to masturbate while you fuck me”
Who am I to offend the lady, now get between her legs that’s it and slowly inch it inside, damn that feels good it’s like a warm velvet glove sucking on your cock, now in and out, lift up so she can get her hand in there. Build it up don’t rush it Charles, that’s it keep it steady and hold the rhythm, her pussy is tensing won’t be long now. Thrust it in out faster, faster, that’s it her pussy is pulsating oh shit that’s it “I’m Cumming baby”.
“Fill me up baby fill me up”
Oh yes that’s better empty balls and a soaked pussy.
Well that was sex over and done with, damn what come over her this morning, must have had a hot dream or something, maybe she just horny, either way I can go to work and be a happy man.

Ok so it’s been a couple of weeks now and I haven’t killed anyone and no police have been knocking at my door. I must have done ok then, now what’s next I gotta keep it fresh and new a different way each time new type, can’t do another hot chick or young poofta! Has to be original, something new never the same. Torture, No not yet I don’t think! Oh maybe I can actually, not now though, I know a couple, like that guy did in the states what was his name, Berkowitz, and that guy they never caught in Florence he murdered seven couples and they never caught him. That’s what I’ll do but I need to get a gun shit, noise, mess I better plan this well. First I gotta get through today its Friday so out early and I might even treat myself to a quick blow job down Hansen road.
Ok day over good riddance, need petrol first, ok fill up then troll down Hanson for a while and see what’s out and about on the side of the road. Fifty bucks is all I need, check the wallet, yep just enough. Cars hot put the radio on and some crap from 1982 will play so its Manson on the iPod gotta love iPod connectivity in your car, awesome, ok new album song one play, apt song Cruel world!
Ok pull out and get moving that way the air will kick in faster, oh c’mon you slow bitch move it, fucking Toyota piece of shit! That’s it move over and let a man through. Ok, “Hey Cruel world” singing out aloud always makes me happy if only I still smoked, oh well one day soon. Now pull in petrol, unleaded, dollar fifty one a litre fuck, thank god I have a petrol card for work. That’s it full, walk in slide the card, “How are you buddy” good he’s ok and I’m good to, sign on the line and away we go. Ok air on full, music down so I can concentrate and find a nice little walker to suck me off. Ohhh look at that, damn should have stayed behind it, oh god she’s had a tough life, ok turn onto the main road, cops everywhere, gotta act normal no creeping drive on the limit that’s it keep your head straight ahead no outward appearance you’re looking for fluff. Lights ahead shit its cops and an ambulance, accident well that explains the cops here, um ok turn off the main strip there won’t be any girls out in this parade of police vehicles. Damn I was looking forward to a…….hang on what’s she doing she’s looking with that “dju wanna fuck me for cash” look, mmmm she’s Sudanese, or African, young, that’s it drive past smile and yes she is pretty, and she’d look better with a mouthful of kids. Ok turn next right and come back around, there she is ok stop let her walk over.
“You want some fun baby?”
“”yes please I would love for you to suck my cock for me”
“Fifty or you can fuck my black pussy for eighty”
“mmm lets see no just the blowjob will be fine, you’re a pretty little thing aren’t you”
“tank you mister, I’m twenty two”
“Yes you are now, where do we go sweet”
That’s it you direct me while I look at your panties under that short skirt of yours, damn never had one with such beautiful dark skin. Ok over there and park up. Pass the fifty to her, good, she’s getting the condom ready, oh that feels better my little heads out and ready to play. “Can I pull your skirt right up baby, I want to see those panties of yours while you suck me off.” That’s it open those legs oh nice tight ass and smooth pussy. Oh damn I could just slide a finger in her ass and see what happens, no I better be good, don’t want to kill this one she is so nice and pleasant as well. God she’s good, what, oh condom off, ok take it in the mouth then. Her ass is so sweet and these pink panties are such an amazing contrast to her skin oh my god she is gonna get a mouthful, reach behind feel her pussy through the material and bam there we go swallow my load baby. She‘s opening the door, awe she spat it out, I was hoping shed swallow, never mind. Clean up and tuck him away.
“You like baby” damn what a smile and her tongue covered with my jizz.
“Oh I like sweetie, I will be back, and maybe you will be number seven or if you’re lucky number ten.”
“Never mind you are so damn cute.”

Ok she’s gone pants a little moist but what the hell, now music to full notch and home we go. Gotta figure out how to shoot two in a car fast and efficient, shot gun will make a fucking mess cant miss and should take only seconds to achieve, but where. How about where I was maybe they all go there, its secluded off the main road and easy access to without being seen from a walk way. Park up! Walk, bang, walk back, drive off. Hire a car, no they will track it, steal a car, never done that before its getting too hard. I know dinner, a bath and a good night’s rest, tomorrow is Saturday a good day to plan a murder.
Copywrite - Graeme Hawke November 2012
Plagiarism is an offence that will be prosecuted

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I have another Blog with my poetry and other writings as well as a sight dedicated to my Novella this is too hot for me to put any hints on here so if you like a hot steamy Thriller thats XXX rated come on over and read teh three teaser chapters and something of me.

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Ok readers you can find out more about me and my published works here and also preview my novels to see if you like them. Be warned "Jenny Don't loose My Number" is  ADULTS ONLY!  and too hot for me to preview here so come on over it will only take a minute of your time and you might like what you read.

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