Sunday, 29 July 2012

This is a prolouge to a novel I was going to write. What do you think? should I take it further?

Your Time To Die!

The night was being pushed away by the first streams of the sun’s rays as it peeked over the horizon to herald in a new day. Paul Harris sat on the rock at the edge of the car park nestled high in the mountains, the trees starting to rustle softly with a new morning breeze that cooled his hot and aching skin. The cuts and abrasions nothing compared to the gaping wound in his left thigh and his lower right abdomen.  The makeshift tourniquet made from the shirt he was wearing the previous night soaked in his precious life’s blood. As he coughed he wiped away a smear of blood bubbling up in his throat, giving him a metallic coppery taste that had basically been the main stay of the last 6 hours.
“What the fuck happened to my life” he whispered softly to himself and he closed his eyes dragged in a deep breath as his left hand searched his pockets for a cigarette. He found the cancerous stick and lit it with his trusty Zippo dropped the lighter back in his pocket, inhaled deeply and coughed out smoke and more blood.
“Linda what did we do, what happened” he said to himself again as he thought of his beautiful wife, thirty six never had children and her body was still like that of a twenty year old. He thought back to the previous evening the fun the drive to the bar the plans they had a quiet night away in a ritzy hotel, room service, hot showers, steamy lingering love making. That was the plan they had been looking forward to for the last three months, it started ok and the sex was fantastic but the aftermath was not in the plan. A solitary tear run down his face as his mind drifted back to the image of his wife, as he exhaled and coughed again spitting a congealed blob of blood to the ground as he wiped the vitreous fluid away yet again. Her body ruined destroyed and why, what benefit did it serve anyone, she was a beautiful woman who never hurt anyone, he sobbed loudly now and the sun’s rays were comforting him as he head lolled down between his open knees. The fight he put up just too still be alive at 6.16am was all too much for him.
“Lisa , I’m sorry I wish it was me and not you” he said as a shadow engulfed him and blocked out the suns invigorating rays that almost made him feel normal just for a second.
“I can accommodate that for you” the voice said, and as he looked up his neck opened and spilled his tongue flapping out like a grotesque tie on a blood red shirt. His last image was that of a shadow outlined by the sun’s rays and a voice that made his skin crawl.
Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2011

Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Sci-fi Short Story - "DARK ALLIANCE"

This is a short Story I wrote based on another sculpt from an amazing Sculptors piece from Erick Sosa.
Sculpt images of the finished product - "Space Host"

Dark Alliance

I slit his throat with the ease of a tuned professional as he leaned in for a kiss. With practiced movements, I moved sideways to miss the blood spatter, as his life blood flowed in heart beat spurts from the wound in his neck. I was sure I heard a slightly gurgled “bitch” just before he expired on the ground next to me.

The hotel room dark as you would expect a pay by the hour room to be. There was no way I would want to see a UV light near these sheets, let alone sleep on them. I quickly searched his pockets and found the wallet and envelope I was sent to get. Sometimes I wonder what these poor unfortunates have done to end up dead on a sleazy hotel room floor on a god forsaken planet in the Delta system, but I don’t really care!

It’s not my job to ask questions and I suppose I should feel lucky that I have a job at all in this dilapidated backwater of a planet. But then anything’s better than Shade City! That’s were I was born, mum a prostitute and dad a petty thug, my childhood was spent running from drunk family, and spaced out dregs of society. At ten years old I learnt to break and enter with my father, and he taught me how to use a short blade, just in case we were interrupted during a job. Most kids would be at the zoo, but not me I was robbing and bashing people for money and food. I found out I had a natural talent for martial arts and my father sent me for lessons, and by sixteen I was a black belt and filled out my clothes like a woman. It was lucky I could defend myself because when the johns came around, and mum was passed out, they often thought they could use me as a substitute. I remember the reason I became a mercenary and although I can not remember his name, I still remember the blood.

At sixteen on the streets I had to use whatever cunning I had learned to survive, and it was in the dark streets of Shade City that I was found by Enrique Montoya! He saw a raw talent in me that I didn’t know existed. He gave me a place to live and food as long as I did as I was told. I knew a conscience was something others had and morals were something the now almost phased out god believers preached about, but in the dark Latin Quarter of the city it mattered not. The Yellows and Blacks had there own space in the city but as always there was room for more trade of all kinds, drugs, synthohol, music and clothing. Nothing like a new pair of jeans to make a girl feel good in this shit hole.

So for five years I worked robbed and did as I was told I don’t know how many times I was raped, bashed and traded for goods in this time but It was the only life I knew and I could aspire to. I was promoted and was given my first big chance for being a good girl for so many years, command of a light cargo ship the “Trepid”. The drop mission to take a wooden crate to the neighbouring planet “Alpha Terra” was a piece of cake, a two week mission and I was to be part of the deal as I was told and my services as a woman were required to seal the deal and ensure payment.

All was good five days out with me only having to have one crew member detained in the ships lock up for drinking part of the synth shipment which gave him some Dutch courage and he thought I was an easy mark. His balls will be blue for at least a week so he will be a good boy for the return home. My number 2 Stens Burgen a huge man six feet six inches tall and about four feet wide, with a voice like silk and a head of beautiful burnished blond hair a trait of his ancestry from earth. He was always nice to me and was on board to look after not only the shipment but the crew as well. Considering a large wooden crate was the most expensive product we had on board no-one knew shit all about it.

It was heavy and smelt like ammonia, Stens said it reminded him of the time he had to transport the dead son of Tony (the head) Deblasio, front man of the Cartel back home. The reason he’s called “the head” is that’s what they find  missing from your corpse if you cross him. The box four feet long by ywo feet wide and as much deep, is worth more than all the other crap we have on board. Apparently it’s going to an astute buyer of artefacts to be part of his exotic and expensive private collection. The Pilot sent a ship wide broadcast warning we were close to the Target planet and would be entering the gravitational field in approximately two hours time.

I decided I would use this time for the crew to relax and replenish before we were due to touch down and off the payload under darkness in about four hours. Getting into the atmosphere was easy, navigating through the many space ports and militia control craft was always difficult but we had co-ordinates sent to us from the sergeant in charge of interplanetary defence so we could navigate without being seen by anyone or anything, obviously he was a well paid part of the cartels extended employ.

I took one last walk around the hold and looked into the enclosed area where the expensive crate sat and detected a faint humming noise but dismissed it as part of the ships over riding nuances. I turned slowly to exit the stale cargo bay but the humming seemed to get louder the further I moved away from the crate, the noise sounded like a chorus of deep water lunes singing to each other on Alterius 3. I don’t recall walking back to or opening the cage door but I felt the crate cold under my hand my mind felt like it was in a fog. I recall grabbing a pry bar from the shadow board on a bench backboard painted black with a white area the shape of each item stored on its metal tendrils. The job of removing the crates lid seemed almost too easy considering it had a huge “Do Not Touch” sticker on it and a rather large bolt lock. As I slowly prised open the lid there was a sharp shift in both pitch and frequency of sound being emitted!
With a rush that seemed to go on for seconds, not a simple blink of an eye, I was staring into an intense blinding light that inflicted not just blindness but searing pain behind each eye that I thought could only feel if someone was slowly forcing six inch needles into my eye sockets through the pulpy flesh of the eyes themselves. On instinct I raised my right hand to feel for any gelatinous fluid that would have seeped from my now ruined eyes only to realise there was nothing. I knew I had to get away from this thing whatever it was but there was no moving, each and every muscle, tendon and ligament in my body was ridged and would not obey my own minds commands and basic instinct which was to flee. With all of my motor skills removed from me I tried to do the next best thing and scream for help – nothing not even a whimper, just the faintest quiver of my bottom lip showed any sign of my current predicament.

My left arm felt warm and wet with my next breath as if it was dipped in a vat of lovely warm Honduran oat porridge. I could also feel something moving about the base of my skull under my hair like fingers but thinner and colder as if they were looking for the “X” marks the spot on an old treasure map but these were looking for a way into my brain stem. Not pain but a cold writhing sensation and a feeling of absolute heaviness about my left arm that actually seemed to start from my left breast and lower rib cage all the way to my finger tips encasing my entire shoulder along the way. If the setting had been different I would swear it was like something making love to my entire left side torso, but as well as euphoria I also had a sense of immense strength surge through my body and then a burning thrum of pain, desire, love, hate and relief surged through my mind as if something was being born within my psyche.

“I fainted”

I have no way of knowing how long I was out for but the cold of the plascrete floor was making its way through my clothes but some of my skin had a tingly warm feeling, damn it felt like a number 4 Grav-train hit me. I tried to stand but the fog in my head was still lifting, I managed to glance down at the left side of my body, I couldn’t breathe, I panicked an audible gasp was the only sound that exited my mouth as looked down at a mass of chitin, sinew, and what can only be described as muscle that was undulating but seemed to be attached to my entire left arm, shoulder and upper torso. A soft almost angelic voice told me not to panic and that all was well, it was not in a tongue I understood but I knew what it was saying in my mind, somehow the clicks and grunts made sense and I tried to stand. I looked at the revolting mass of cartilage and muscle to inspect any damage to what was my arm, but realised to my surprise I could still feel me underneath and strength was coursing through me I had never felt before. I had a flash of understanding and looked into the minds eye of this thing that moved with absolute ease and felt lighter than my original appendage, it’s not a growth or a devouring alien this is a bio parasite a strong one and it chose me as its host!

Stens Burst through the cargo bay doors because he heard a muffled gasp and was sure I was in some danger. His life thus far had consisted of fights, mainly for food at a young age and he progressed to the leader in his sector because of his strength and cunning. This was a talent the off world cartel had noticed, and wanted to foster within their ranks of paid enforcers. Although Stens was strong and smart he was also good to have around when you’re a women in a man’s profession, but on this occasion he was out matched.
I saw the doors burst open and then nothing but a blur as I moved with unnatural speed as if I was moving through space not within it. When I finally understood what was happening it was too late I looked down at my new accessory only to see Stens head held tightly within the three finger like protrusions at the base which made what could be understood as a rudimentary claw. It was “I was” crushing his skull and I could feel strength being drawn from him as if I was draining his life essence. I looked on entranced and disgusted then forced a “STOP” from my frozen vocal chords. It stopped and Stens slumped to the cold floor covered in damaged tissue and bone fragments, as if he had a frag grenade in his mouth and it went off.

My new friend seemed stronger and I detected a slight Ozone smell as if it had processed this hulking man as fuel for its as yet unknown powers and bio parts.

“Ah we live” it said in a low guttural sounding growl. “Where to Next”

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2011

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Other Blog spot for Poetry and dark thoughts

This is my place of thought and profoundness I write normally dark themes in my Poetry but I have been known to be funny and even sarchastic. let me know what you think!!!!!!!

Monday, 23 July 2012

This is another in the works novel Plologue chapter 1 I was working on to see if I liked where the story would go I like it but Hey let me know if you like it so I can keep moving on this one!

Book synopsis:
Australia is in the grip of a serial killer no city is safe from what the papers are dubbing the killer "Poetic Justice" or "The Cleaner". Its been 2 years and no-one is any closer to finding the killer. No evidence No leads just a trail of clean dead bodies. all in their mid twenties no apparent connection no apparent similarity, male, female, black, white. just the same MO each time a Poem, a rose, a tag. Can Detective Rupert Jones and his partner Judith Avery catch a break or is there something more sinister at work here. Only time can tell but time is running out as one of them is going to fall victim to the viscious murderer


“Poetry should be great and unobtrusive, a thing which enters into one's soul,
and does not startle it or amaze it with itself, but with its subject.”
John Keats

“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling”
Oscar Wilde

Chapter 1 – Understanding

The day so far had been as expected, clear warm and full of beautiful fluffy white Cumulous clouds that hung as if from a huge coat hanger in the sky. A slight breeze brushed past and made the hairs on Amy’s arm stand to attention as if an unknown person was blowing on the appendage and up the nape of her neck. Amy Lewis was any normal young woman in her early twenties, she was fit a size twelve and sitting at five feet eight inches tall and weighing in at a pretty standard sixty kilograms she was neither thin or flabby. Her well toned body a credit to the hours she spent at the gym with weights and spin classes as well as new boxing and commando classes for core strength.

Although pretty she was no stunner but neither was she dowdy when dressed in her work clothes her curves were always evident and her current boyfriend was as always appreciative when he had chance to get her naked. She was normal for all intensive purposes and now she was on her way to her local shopping precinct to buy the salad she would never eat and the chocolate bar which was her favourite treat after a heavy work out. It would be half eaten and then placed neatly on the counter top of her kitchen, but I do get ahead of myself.
On the journey home she turned on her iPod connection in the car turned up the volume and sang along to Adams Song her favourite song, from her favourite band Blink 182, although a quite girl, she loved the fun in their punk style music and had done for many years.

She was starting to feel yucky from the workout and needed a shower quickly, and as she repositioned her left breast in her tight fitting and wet gym top she liked the weight of her breast in her hand and thought of her boyfriend maybe she would make love to him tonight, at that thought a tingle ran to her clitoris and she squeezed her legs together and smiled to herself in the rear vision mirror. The groceries were not heavy and only needed one hand to carry them and with the free hand she dove into her purse, retrieved the front door keys and opened the large oak door inward with a rush of sweet smelling air that met her from her many rood deodorisers strategically placed around the house she moved inside closed the door behind her, locked it and glided humming all the way to the kitchen. After placing the groceries in the well stocked cupboards Amy made her way upstairs to her bedroom and her well deserved shower.

A long thin box laid on the bed a white box with red stripes and a huge red ribbon on top with a rosette stuck to it. A large envelope sat under the box with her name typed neatly on it. She was full of fear and anticipation did he come in and leave this for her he has only had the key for a week and already he was being romantic towards her.

She lifted the top of the box and shrieked as she held her hand to her mouth with disbelief. In it was a single white Rose covered with what looked like blood, her first thought was to not touch the rose but the red sticky fluid on that most beautiful flower drew her in and her mind swam with desperation as she opened the envelope and pulled out the card on the front was a cute little bunny with a love heart in front of him looking all sweet and loving. The inside was awash with pasted words of “LOVE” from magazines and papers and inside a frame of pasted words was the following hand written Poem.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Your time is up
Look behind you!
The blood froze in Amy’s body and a chill made the hair on the back of her neck stand to attention yet again but this time she heard nothing but the beating of her own heart as she placed the card down on the bed again. She felt the breath on her neck and thought it was all just a dream a joke that he was playing on her after all who would want to hurt her, Amy was a model citizen a loving individual who had paid her dues to society and her selfish family.

She felt the cold steel against her back and she froze unable to move the card dropped from her hand and she felt the knife cutting at her gym top and as it sliced all the way thru, the wet sweaty material fell from her body easily letting her breasts feel the air as her nipples tighten with fright and scared anticipation. The buds tightened and shrunk as a warm hand reached in front and cupped her left breast teasing the nipple between thumb and forefinger. She let out a groan and thought it must be him and this was a setup to scare her and it was working. As she let out her held breath as a sigh of some relief the hand tightened on her breast and held her as she felt the blade enter her back below the shoulder blade and puncture her left lung. A scream started to emanate from her vocal cords but the knife was removed and brought to bear on her throat in mere seconds and the words just never made it out. Her mind swam in that split second just before death from blood loss hit her and she remembered thinking I didn’t eat my treat, as she left this earth.

Her assailant carried her now slick with blood body into the bathroom and placed her in a warm bath that was already prepared and both washed the blood from themselves many times and it was the third bath full of water that saw the blood stop flowing from her dead puppet like corpse.

Amy Lewis was laid out on her bed with her rose placed on her chest and the card neatly positioned in her left hand. Her eyes were left open staring at the glass covered sliding doors of her robe, her head turned to the left to accommodate, as if watching herself in her naked glory. A flash went off in the room as a memento was taken for later use and a keepsake memory. She looked so beautiful and pale laying there waiting for a lover who would never come to arrive. All the clothes and shoes were bundled into a double lined bin bag and tied off, the new clothes were now on and the killer slipped downstairs and on the way out took two big bites from the chocolate bar and left it on the table. The sweet sensation was greedily accepted after such a long mornings work.

The killer slipped out the front door and into Amy’s car and drove to a secluded spot in a car park at the harbour terminal at the now rarely used Outer harbour. A timer was placed in the boot with the clothes and twenty litre petrol container and a digital alarm that would send a spark into the closed boot full of petrol at exactly three pm that same day. A satisfied murderer and sometime poet left the car park in an easy manner in a late model Ford Falcon with a smile that belied the evil that had been perpetrated and a sense of achievement that was always had after such an exciting days work.

Larry Davis sat in the North Haven bar sipping his double Jack and cola after another great day at Morphettville race course. His contacts had been right and he was celebrating by himself because that’s how he like d it. You don’t become rich as a gambler but you don’t get rich with a woman either.

“You alone handsome” a voice said from behind Larry.

As he turned around a tall slim beautiful blond woman with a full glass of champagne sat next to him and said do you like poetry?

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just a reminder of all my Writing links!

I am Now also  member of the Association of  Independent Authors.

A short Dark poem for today - "JOIN ME"

Join Me
My life is full of ups and downs
And it’s lonely here when you’re not around
Why won’t you come and stay with me?
If you do you will most certainly see
That in my darkness there is room for two
And I simply must insist it be you.
There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
I will find you and have you by my side
For millennia now I have waited upon my throne
Sitting in the darkness of my soul all alone
Together we can do so much more than exist
We can ensure the suffering of others will persist
The queen of cold and vile sitting at my side
Will ensure the veil of death and despair will reside
Come and share your putrid flesh with the world
And let mortals see the beauty I have so long beheld
Copy Write Graeme Hawke 2012

Friday, 20 July 2012

'Tard - a 499 word short for a competition I am entering

This was a unique experience to do a full story line in 499 words and make it horror and creepy well I hope I did it and you like it!

Wayne Stephens sat at the metal table with a hook ended blade in his gloved right hand, the weight and feel of the stainless steel and bone handle almost perfectly balanced in his grip. As he turned the blade and caught the dull light overhead he could hear moaning from the adjacent room. Years of pent up frustration and planning have culminated into this final act, a deep breath and a sip of his tepid coffee from his dirty ceramic “I love Fishing Mug” and as he places it back on the table he hears a satisfying “ping” of ceramic on metal and his chair slides backwards dragging the feet across the old gray blue mottled linoleum floor. He is a huge man and walks with a slight stoop, favouring his left side because of a spinal birth defect that causes more embarrassment than pain. His hair long and straggled was gathered with a rubber band, mimicking a shaggy pony tail, that looked more at home on the back of a work horse that a man! His eyes were alert, but behind them the years of suffering and torment gave them an almost otherworldly glint and malevolent stare as he made his way towards his life’s work.

The metal door slid with ease as he grabbed the chrome handle and pulled it to his left, exposing him to the smell of sweat, fear and excrement from the expertly made slaughter room.
“Are we all comfortable” he said softly with an ever so slight lisp to his captive audience.
He was met with grunts and spitting of curses and abuse from the four hanging and chained naked bodies’ one in each corner hanging over a drain. He removed the bags and gags from them and surveyed his work.
“Who in the fuck are you? And what are you doing to us” a male voice spat at him.
The blade in his hand swept at speed past the mans face and slice his right nipple to the floor. Wayne held a finger to his lips and made a shhhh sound.
“No-one can hear you scream or yell so don’t bother, this room is sealed twice and twenty feet underground” Wayne told them. Three men and one woman hanging naked and shaking from cold, fear and shock, looked at their captor. The woman Rose Taylor looked at him studying his features and said “Wayne! Is that you?” a man on the opposite corner squinted. “Oh my god it is you, what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” The man, Jake Ferguson now had a bitter tone to his voice and looked at the assembled in the room and then he instantly said those magic words as a smile spread across his face.
“Guys I think this is some sort of sick revenge thing the ‘tard has dreamed up”
Wayne moved closer placed the drill at Jakes temple and said let’s see who the retard is after I am finished.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shory Story - This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but with a whisper!

This was an entry to a writing contest based on the post title:

With a whisper

The tainted air was rushing past his ears as he was falling; the injuries sustained in the ensuing battle had caused his wings to hang lifeless, as he plunged further towards the torched earth and certain death. Gabriel used his entire god given strength to will his wings into action and stall his decent so he would survive his landing upon the earthly plain. His wings unfurled and it was as if he was on gods strings and he was the puppet to his master he stopped in mid fall and took upon himself the shape of the cross as he floated and glided to the raw parched dirt below him. Crumpled in a heap he was no longer able to use the wings upon his back and with two sharp strikes of his heavens sword they were a bloody mass of skin, bone and feathers nesting quietly on the ground. The wings emblazoned with light so bright and burst into holy flame and blew away with the hot northerly gust of wind blowing from a battered city only miles away.

“Gabriel, you are alive my brother?” the voice from alongside him was Michael his brother and fellow aspect of god.
“Yes brother but only just, I am afraid the demons of the dark one have inflicted more than physical injuries on me this day” he replied thru rasping broken breaths.
“We must triumph brother or else all humanity and the land of god itself will be doomed, we cannot allow the devils to run amuck upon this earthly soil, they are treacherous and deceitful and full of death to humanity.” Michaels verse was uplifting and true but what could he and a broken brother angel do to stay the demonic execution that would surely end this war.
“I do hear you Michael, be assured of this, but I am broken, I can no longer help you in the battles above, my wings stripped clean and the spurs upon my back are now a solemn reminder of our mortality.” Gabriel spoke with authority and also a hint of defeatist in his tone.
“You will help the mortals’ brother; you are akin to death and fighting for the righteous, so thus it is told, stay the execution of man from the mortal land.” Michael took a large breath and took in the scoured land before him. “Make them understand they can win the fight; even tho they created the war in the first place; I will take control of the angels in flight and fight for your honour brother, take my hand and say it is so!” Michael held his hand and Gabriel took it at the wrist some of his undying power flowing back into him showing him the way of gods not of man and cowards.
Michael took flight back to the skies above to a place where only gods and now daemons preside. Looking down he saw for the last time his brother walking the soil of man towards the city just out of full vision, he said a small litany to himself a prayer for him to succeed and not let the daemons inside to cloud his mind. The war was above and below, it was created by man and now it was up to gods to finish it.

Gabriel wandered across the insidious red mat of earth called Nevada to the human city named Las Vegas, it was a ruin and the huge buildings of steel and concrete were no longer sending a beacon of light to the heavens at night. The sins in this place were even more than in war, decadence, lust and gambling, as well as unsanctioned unions of men and whores the binding of two people in what they called marriage by a long dead singer. Drug addicts and illicit drugs abound creating not only deaths from abuse but murder and deceit to play out in the sins of power and greed. The walk to the city of sin was enlightening and dead in equal measure.  Some fleeing the concrete jungle stopped to ask if he was ok, offering food or moisture in return for nothing, others spat on him as they drove past along a spear of hot black tar he found that led into the city. For those who stopped to render assistance he said a prayer for, a quick death for them instead of a drawn out unimaginable death at the hands of the undying ones from below.
A noise from behind him took him from his poise and posturing as he walked.
“You want a lift mate” A voice of southern inflection asked from the cab of a large truck that was carrying both men and arms for fighting a foreign foe.
“Yes, it would please me to no longer have to walk upon this hot black dirt covering.”  He replied looking at the highway under his feet. “Jump in brother, we have food and water, Jess will fix you up in no time.” James Harris said as he jumped in the back with what could only be called a small militia force. Other vehicles followed from behind also carrying men, women and equipment.
“Please sit mister” a voice like angels singing filled his ears and he looked to see a vision of beauty with dirt and grease smeared upon her porcelain flesh. He sat and as he did the woman held out a canteen for him to partake of fluids. “Thank you”......  “Jess” the human woman replied with a whisper. “Jessica, but everyone calls me jess”.
“I am Gabriel angel of the lord master sent here to help defeat the common foe” he said without hesitation. The convened in the truck all burst into a riotous laughter, something they had not done in days. “You expect us to believe you are the mighty Gabriel, gods angel fallen to earth” a burly man with a machine gun slung over one shoulder. “No, I don’t ask of you to believe, I ask only of you to have faith and know within, that I am who I say I am.” He replied gently but with the authority of a millennia and more of service the all mighty.
“Holly shit look at his back” the burly man said as he stood to assess the so called angel. “I am Peter, and I am sorry I just said Holy shit, shit I did it again, I am sorry” peter stumbled over his tongue as he tried to make amends. “Gabriel, please call me Gabriel.” he unsheathed his heavenly sword, a broad golden sword with an edge filament thin and glowing blue with the aura of heaven itself. “This is Penintentiarius my sword of penitence, it has held many of the unworthy to just cause with death from its blades edge” he explained.
It can only be wielded by one worthy of god’s love and in doing so it is as useless as a freshly cut flower in the hands of the maleficent or human detritus.” He added as a way to dissuade others from trying to take the blessed artefact. “I am just glad you’re on our side.” a young boy said as he looked upon the heavenly apparition in awe.

The ride into the broken city was uneventful and little could be found to bring on the end of the world as we know it, but Gabriel new different they had lost the twelve angel guards taken out by the demons of the “Light Bearer”, the humans call him by many names but he is the first and most powerful angel cast aside by God, “Satan”
“Why are you here Gabriel? And what happened to your wings?” the man called Peter asked with an inflection of knowing in his voice. “I was battling the demonic angels of the Light Bearer and was attacked by too many of the damned creatures to win the battle. I destroyed ten of the unholy beasts, before the rest attached their chain bindings to my outer shell and the hell fires within the chains drained my powers and damaged my wings beyond usefulness so I cut the useless limbs from my body.” He replied.  A woman at the front of the vehicle laughed and called him a charlatan and magician, a bearer of bullshit, not of righteous power. “How, how can you believe this, this man.” she said still laughing. “Is he going to bring my little girl back to me, NO!” she said looking directly in Gabriel’s eyes. “No he can’t, and why because he is no more an angel than I am, we are doomed, and we will die for the sins of our fathers.”  Crying now, she openly sobbed into her hands as she covered her face, not wanting to believe anything at this point only the sorrow of her loss.
“I am your deliverance, your holy power upon this earth, there is no-one who can bring Lucy back to you, of that you are correct, but unless you believe I can help you I am powerless, I need the belief of man to sustain my fight here on earth, it is your undying faith that will save us not my powers, or my sword.” Gabriel held her hand and a flood of warmth fell over her and she saw her daughter safe in the arms of angels in heaven. “Is that a true image you show me angel.” She cried softly. “Yes mother it is, it is where we all go to nestle in the bosom of the father.” He finished as he let go of her hand.

They made their way to the broken down remains of the LUXOR a huge Pyramid shaped building that was all but intact. There were looters and murderers on the streets and this was just the beginning. They all piled out of the vehicles and followed behind Gabriel as he made his way towards the centre of the city itself. A ruinous place with death and sin surrounded them, the twelve angels of protection chained to inverted crosses in a circle surrounding a lone figure sitting in a flesh thrown made of naked entwined limbs of women there sex organs on show for all to delight in and moans from the edifice still holding ecstasy within the trapped souls.
“You dare come here boy” the demon bellowed from his sanctum of flesh and despair. The fallen angels with chains of glowing red stalked behind and around the group. “Gabriel is not a boy he is one of Gods servants, as we all are” Peter said motioning his arms all around him to the thing, but his words trailed off into pain as his head exploded from within covering his friends and fellow warriors with fresh brain tissue and blood. James walked up closer to Gabriel but the angel held his hand out and said “not here not now he is too powerful, there is so much decadence in this place the force is almost too much to bare even for me. This is a foreboding place my friend.”
“What do we do Gabriel?” he asked finally “we fight the source of his power boy, follow me.

The group almost fifty strong sought out and with righteous power killed the unholy and those who would desecrate the word of the Lord with sin and violence bringing his vengeful wrath upon many hundreds who fought back against them. Building by building they slew the sinners and the unworthy, diminishing his hold over the city and ultimately the world. The dark angels or demons sat back, watched and relished the bloodshed in the glory of a god who was but a spoiled brat with humanity his toy. There was so much blood spilled in the name of the father the Holy Spirit but it had to be done. The dark forces holding the earth needed to be purged and sent to hell.

Gabriel stood once more at the entry of the Bearers gate to this world. The twelve guardian angels, screamed at him, in spite of life being lost at a cross each. They spat unholy trinity at him as he passed them as he moved to the foot of the living throne the great outcast sat upon. “There is no more decadence to be had no more sin to behold dark one, you cannot have this place I will not allow it in the name of my father.” He said with anger and blood dripping from Penintentiarius his holy blade. It was at this moment, two hundred angels fell to earth wings tucked and the ground swaying under foot as they hit with the pressure of a nuclear blast. “Gabriel your work here is most favourable, you have done well now we will despatch the beast to the hell pits which whence it came.” Michael said to his brother as he placed a hand on his shoulder. The evil one laughed, sat and pondered the thought of an all out war right at that moment but he beckoned the angel with no wings to come listen to what he had to say of terms. “You are one of his stock boy, you must listen to my atonement before you can judge me, is that not true?” the deceiver said with quiet malice in his voice. That is true dark one but, I only listen to appease the spirits by which we are bound to this realm.” Gabriel said as he walked slowly to the throne.

The Light Bearer lent close and showed Gabriel the first day of man the bringing of light was his doing as God had ordered before he became jealous of his father’s interest in the playthings he called humans. “See my boy I am one of you, the first angel, I have many names, you call me the light bearer, this is true, but so is the first outcast, the great unclean, the devil and my personal favourite of the humans Satan.” He took a feted breath and the heat generated from within stank of sulphur and ash. “You see my brother we are alike more than you care to imagine.” Gabriel took offence at this and drew his sword only to see it wither and die as a flower in the presence of this petulant death. “I am nothing like you demon.” Gabriel spat at the huge bulk of the prince of death.
“Ah, but you would have me believe this after you and  your self-righteous humans slaughtered hundreds possibly a thousand so called sinners in the name of your father, and mine.” The unholy said now laughing. “Do you see boy you can’t defeat me with hate, even to appease our father, for I am the Light Bearer and therefore the taker of life.”

He whispered in Gabriel’s ear “it ends now!”

Gabriel looked back at Michael, ashen faced and closed his eyes for a second as realisation poured into his mind of what he had done. The chaos that was around him the screams the laughing the sporadic gunfire, even his own heartbeat, it stopped and with that second of silence the world of man ended.
Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Malevolent - Chapter 2 teaser!

Chapter 2 – The beginning

My initial instinct was to help the cat as it swam around in circles but part of me just wanted to watch and see what happened next. I knew it would die but I didn’t know how exciting and terrifyingly ecstatic it could make me feel! I was 5 years old.

I had a fairly normal upbringing I suppose until I was about 6 years old when all of a sudden mum got sick of dad beating her with whatever he could get hold of or his bare hands if nothing was within arm’s reach.
It wasn’t 100% his fault, the drink made him do it he told me, the demon in the bottle would make him do all sorts for horrible things to mum. Once he beat her unconscious and then raped her on the floor while I watched. I sat with her until she awoke but he had done so much damage both physically and mentally over those 6 years that I can remember that she just gave up. She put me to bed and then hung herself in the bathroom with the sash from her dressing gown. I found her that night when I had to go for a wee, and I sat on the toilet seat looking at her dark cyan lips and pale blue / purple bloated face with veins bulging at the temples. It was almost surreal but when mum died all her bodily functions let loose, the pool of vial viscera and blood on the floor under her was gross even to a 6 year old that still picked his nose and ate it.

Dad then decided that he would give up the drink but we all know how that turned out don’t we. I would live on whatever food I could find because as a good drunk dad never ate, just killed him slowly with beer, vodka and scotch. I looked my room and ran away when it got really bad and waited until morning. Elizabeth was not the place to be alone as a pre teen boy after midnight, but I fell in with a bad crowd who taught me to steal and coz I was small I could fit through window openings and fences easily to let the others in. Only one problem here – I got caught and sent to reform school, it was ok on the whole at least I had clean cloths and a clean bed with 3 meals a day but I was gang raped by a bunch of 13 yr olds pretty much every day for a week and then my survival instincts kicked in so I would shit myself each morning and sit in it each day so they wouldn’t fuck my ass but it took me 6 months before I bit off the ring leaders cock, they left me alone then.
Solitary is a great place to dream of all sorts of things and by the time I was 13 myself I had spent time in and out of McNally’s juvenile detention centre.  I would sit and think of ways to get back at everyone who had hurt me, but I noticed that when I had these thoughts it had a side effect which made my cock so fucking hard I sometimes masturbated until It bled and I came with the thought of tying them up and beating or doing other things to them like they did to me.

 My favourite fantasy back then was tying one of the boys who up who used to rape me and stick his penis in a meat grinder and grind it off while he was awake and then slide a round cheese grater up his ass and fuck him until his ass was blood red and the screams stopped.  Then take his ground up cock and feed it to him while he pleaded and died. Wow I could shoot across the room with that one.

I spent my time running away from abusive foster parents and committing petty crime. It was about this time I found out that girls had nice parts to play with so I found a street girl and payed her 20 bucks to show me her boobs and pussy in a side street off Hindley, wow boobs were great and I tried to cop a feel but she screamed and I was put up on a charge of rape. I didn’t realise but at the time there was a legal loophole that if you did the adult crime you did the adult time, but I managed to get a good judge who believed me in that I paid her for a look and she tried to get me in trouble as she was a known street kid to the cops and I was a newbie as far as this sort of stuff.
 So –
 I stopped and got a job as an apprentice mechanic in a service station with an old guy called Tom Chaney but everyone around knew him as Big block or Biggy! 6 feet 6 inches of muscle that looked as intimidating as it sounded. Biggy was a great mechanic and even a better teacher, but not all his lessons were about cars and bikes. You see Biggy was a front for the FINKS and his best mate Toe Joe owned the 7 Roses tattoo parlour in Hindley Street.
I asked toe Joe once how he got his knick name and it appears a shotgun blast did the damage to his right big toe and he had it removed. The guy who shot him though went one better and was removed from existence. Toe Joe laughed when he told me and said he still had the toe in a jar for good luck.
Now I put my head down, earned my trade and went back to school at nights but I was still messed up and every now and then when the Finks were up for trouble I would tag along.
In a retaliation and payback hit we picked up the brother of a guy that bashed one of the head mans sons, Terry.  He thinks it was the Bandito’s
Now Terry was not your usual FINK but he was the son of the boss so he was ok. A bit fragile but as sharp as a whip with money and the Finks needed all the help here they could get.
We grabbed this guy out back of the White Horse inn and beat him good – not too much so to inflict any real permanent damage but to send a message. Biggy left me to tidy up and ensure he got to where he could be found.
In hindsight this was really a bad mistake, and I blame Biggy for that, because I made sure he was going to give me what I wanted. Years of pent up anger, beatings and rape, hatred and lust – not just sexual but blood lust that I could not wait to get into, and no-one around to stop me!
I looked this guy straight in the bloodshot eyes he now sported from the beating and crying he was doing. I told him the Finks were pussy’s compared to me and that he would go down in the history books as the first real reason I existed and that he should make peace with himself while I got ready. With that he pissed his pants and I watched as his jeans darkened at the front. “Oh no we will have to cut them off now wont we”. “Can’t have you being found in pissy pants, can we”.

I pulled out my knife a very sharp throwing knife I had had since I was in reform school. It was beautifully weighted and it was just a joy to hold.
Cutting of his pants I sometimes missed and nicked the skin, crimson fluid pooling on the surface near each scratch on his legs until I managed to do the job right.
I informed this young man that I was going to insert myself in his arse and if he shat I would replace my cock with my beautiful sharp weapon. It was not sexual you see it really wasn’t! I am not gay I just wanted to remove every last ounce of dignity he had, Just as those bastards had done to me in McNally’s all those years ago.
He pleaded with me, offered me money, women, drugs but I was too far gone and I plunged myself into him and pushed his face down in the dirt, calling him a whore and my bitch the whole time, it wasn’t until I actually came in his arse that I realised I felt sexually charged. I hadn’t had much of anything really in my life so far some paid for pussy at times but no real girlfriend a couple at the bike clubrooms that Big would make suck me off.
He bucked and I fell off and landed on my elbow slicing the thin skin around the bone.
I lost it, rolled him over and cut him from ball sack to throat, it was a deliberate cut beautiful and straight one cut no jagged edges and no restarts. I watched his face as I cut him and held him close to my lips and whispered shhhhh its ok and rocked him back and forth like mum used to do to me if I was scared. He gurgled and jolted but as I fished around inside of his body I could feel the life leaving, I held his heart in my hand as it made its last beat. I laid him down and pulled out his organs one at a time and laid his intestines out and sliced off the small intestine where it exits the body and dragged it away from a lifeless lump that was once a human, now my plaything. I had heard the intestines were long but man I didn’t understand just how long. The stench was somewhat intense but the coppery blood smell made it bearable. I cut his face so it would be hard to recognise him and sliced off his fingertips with my knife.
 “:OOOOOO”   -    Teeth I heard in my head as if played back from a recording i had heard and saved just for now. I had to remove the teeth!
 Ah a rock the size of his head was laying just a little way away but that was only good for the front 6 or 8 teeth as I bashed it into the flesh and bone, so I improvised with the base of my knife to smash them out and cut away from gum to remove fully. Boy this was taking forever, but as a fist time killer I thought it best not to forget a thing.
That did it now I was thinking of all sorts of things – Tattoos and yes he had plenty so what I couldn’t slice off I cut the entire limb off.  Left arm and lower right leg, now in a pile next to the rock I used to bash his teeth loose.
“Have you ever tried to cut through bone?” well let me tell you it’s fucking hard so again with rock and knife all done.
Then I remembered I fuck his ass without a condom and a panic came over me “what if he has aids” So I stabbed him again just in case. But semen can be used to track me from my arrest records probably and DNA profiled – fingerprints and all sorts. Now I’m scared.

I cut his rectum out and placed it with the arm and leg portion off to the side.

I went and got my bike unclipped the fuel line and drained out some petrol so I could burn this fucker.
WOOSH up he went and I was gone!
After I was done I went home got a garbage bag from the garage placed all my clothes in it and sealed it with the inbuilt handy tie carry handles. Such a fantastic design and easy to use as well, those handle straps are strong and make for an easy way to get rid of the bad things.  I placed the removed body parts on plastic sheeting on my bench top in the kitchen and covered them with an old table cloth I kept from mums place. It was ornate white cotton with lace trim and now slowly forming blooms of red that formed like small fireworks all over at random placement and speed.
I worked my way into my shower and made the water as hot as I dared, feeling the hot almost burning water run down my back and face. I soaped up and as I washed off gore and blood I felt my cock stiffen as I remembered what I had done. I came in a shudder that left my knees weak and my head spinning. “WOW” now that was a rush.
It’s at this point that a normal man would cry and break down, cry or blubber about what I had done, but I didn’t I looked in the mirror and the man who looked back at me was different somehow, more confident, carefree and I smiled as I shaved and thought about Snow white and whistled while I worked.
I got myself all sorted new clothes and what not all clean and smelled nice. But I had to get rid of the evidence I still had in the kitchen and my clothes. I started up my big pot and placed the arm and leg section in salted boiling water and let it boil slowly for about 2 hrs making sure the pot didn’t boil dry. I remembered mum doing a lamb casserole and she said if you cook meat on the bone slowly for a longer period it just falls off the bone. She was right I just plucked those little suckers out the pot and placed them in an old hessian bag I had stashed in the shed. The arse section I placed in with the cooked meat and when it was finished I mixed it up with some readymade gravy and took it in for Biggy’s Rotty “Killer”. Lets hop he likes lickin’ someone else’s arse!
The bones I smashed up with a brick to dust and buried the bag in the bottom of a woollies bin. All in a nights work, a big yawn and the knowledge that a good sleep always fixed everything.
As I slept the actions of the night replayed in my mind and I stirred constantly, in awe and amazed that I could do such things. The great part was, I didn’t give a rats about what I had done and I was hoping I covered my tracks well enough! It was my first and I certainly didn’t want it to be my last.
I drove to work with my lunch and Killers in separate containers, walked in through the front door as was greeted with!

“DAVE”! “What did you do” Biggy was all agitated.

“What you on about Big” I said with an air of arrogance in my tone.

“It’s all over the news you dumb fuck” “they have found a body where we were last night all messed with, burnt and cut up” “What did you do?”
Now Biggy was getting a little out of hand and started calling me all sorts of names as well as dumb and stupid just like that pathetic excuse for an old man I had!
So!      I stabbed him in the throat and that shut him the fuck up!
He staggered back and hit the floor as he slipped on his own blood that was spurting out of his ruined throat. It was almost funny, actually it was funny watching him dance around on the slippery cold grey concrete floor and then fall back on his big only to hit his head on the exhaust outlet of a big block Chevy motor.
With a thud he hit the deck and it reminded me of watching a fish out of water gasping for air and sliding around on the floor knowing it’s going to die from lack of water and oxygen.
“Sorry Big” “I don’t like being called names ok and now you’re going to die and I’m going to disappear with your old XA falcon and all your cash in the safe. The cops will think it’s a robbery and not having a weapon they will think it was a retaliation hit especially when the cops find the teeth in your pocket from that wanker I had fun with last night”
I said goodbye and left whistling my new favourite tune.
 I forged my name on a sale paper for the ford as payment and waited until midday and went to work as if I had been out on an errand. The cops were all over the place and other Finks were there. The cops asked me where I was and I gave them the docket from the Repco store on Payneham road for some touch up paint and brake pads.
The cop asked me if I had seen anything at all this morning and I said I did see a late model black commodore parked on a side street with someone in it as I left but it was Croydon after all and there is always wogs parked in cars looking for trouble.
I spoke with Toe Joe and spike, Joe’s left hand and said I didn’t tell the cops but it defiantly was the Bandito’s.
Toe gave me $500 bucks and told me to fuck off for a while. So I did, I drove myself to Whyalla about 4 hrs away North West.
This place had Great fishing and plenty of work with the mines booming and mechanics willing to work in the country a premium. For a while I just blended in and became a local. I had a great unit all to myself, my car and the pay from the mines was awesome but the hrs long. I had no time to think about anything other than work and sleep, just what the doctor ordered.
Then there was the most beautiful girl called Heidi a young German girl who settled with her father and step mother in Whyalla after her mum died 10 years ago. Heidi was great fun and taught me allot about what guys and girls get up to and I learnt to love getting a blowy and giving it back in kind. I used to bite her labia and she went nuts as I nibbled on her pink purse.
This went on for about 2 years and I had cash and a good reputation now as a mechanic as I opened my own shop and spent the next 2 years living like a normal person.

Wouldn’t you know as well as changing my life for better, Heidi held the secret to my relapse back into the darkness that I crawled out of since my first killing and the ultimately regrettable killing of Biggy.
As time went on I realised I was falling for her, she was pretty, attentive, and never spoke down to me. I loved her mostly for that reason as Heidi was teh first and only person (to date) that had treated me like a normal human being.
 But one hot dusty February night she returned home late from a night out with girlfriends and had blood on her dress. I quizzed her she said she fell but I knew it was more than that. She had been pushed or hit, the left side of her lip still swollen from some altercation that had obviously just previously occurred. “It’s nothing” she said as I asked. So if it’s nothing! What happened? “I will find out you know” I said to her

“It was Ben the guy from the fishing boats, he was a bit pissed and I told him to leave me alone and it just got a little out of hand, but its ok we all left”
I was just glad she was ok coz my mind was going around in circles swimming with anger and dark thoughts. It had been years since I had even brought these to the surface in my mind. I had learned that I didn’t need to kill to get off or enjoy life but now this Ben guy goes and fucks it all up and now it’s his fault I gotta kill him!
I left it for a few days, watched him learnt his patterns where he went what he did, when he was alone. And then on day 5 it happened, the fishing boat he was on was empty but for him cleaning up fish guts and chum and all sorts of nasty crap.

The air was moist and full of fish but a gentle cool breeze made hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I gave a little “woohooo” sound to myself. I was ready and I strangely didn’t feel nervous or anything, the little voice in my head was saying “I think fish and Chips would be great for tea”.
“Ben” I whispered from the ships hold.
Again, but this time drawn out a little, like you do when you want to talk to someone who’s sleeping. “Who’s there” he said
“It’s your conscience” I whispered again. “Here to set you straaahhhate”
“Stop fucking around Steve” he said as he slowly lent down into the hold. He saw my eyes glaring back at him first then he felt the gaff hook slice through the soft underside of his bottom jaw and penetrate through his tongue and out of his mouth.
The blood was sparse at this stage but as I pulled him down into the hold I heard his lower jaw give way slightly and his protests were a garbled expression of vowels and grunts.
That’s when it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I heard my name the same way as I had whispered to Ben. But this voice was not outside it seemed to be in my head!
Ben moved so I pulled the gaff and that managed to shut him up as he passed out with pain.

“Who are you” I said

A flash of darkness, movement to my left as if it was following the dark shadows inside the hold. Darting around the light that leaked into the open space like a vampire hiding from morning sunlight.
The shapeless movement stopped and I focused on where it was. It was like looking into a jet black kaleidoscope with movement all over shifting form and then back again like a dark pool of oil gliding around in a state of flux.
As I leaned in it leapt at me as I moved my head into the deep shadow where it was hiding. My instincts took over and I pulled back into the light and it screamed in my head as I felt it retract away from me.

“You needs me David” “I needs you” “can’t you feels the energy between us” “mmmmmmmmmm I can feels your rage and needs to hurts and lust”

“What the fuck are you?”  I said aloud.

“If yous lets me I will be yous”

This is some weird shit I thought to myself coz this wasn’t someone talking to me it was someone talking as me in my head.

“What’s in it for me” “How do I know you wont just kill me whatever you are?”

“No Kills David, David hosts to Minsha”

“Ok what do I get, if I let you in my head?”

“David gets my power, my lust, my hate, my needs and my help to not be caughts by police mans”

“Minsha has friends’ alls over worlds to helps and guide David”
Well what’s to lose I had already lost my friggin’ mind so it seemed, so I stepped into the darkness of the shadow and let it envelope me.
I felt like someone had put me in a giant washing machine closed the lid poured in black brain tar and hit spin! My senses reeled and I felt dizzy but could swear I was floating, felt sick but also strong, anger was rising but not my anger not quick acting burst and then oh well anger but a timeless seething gnawing anger that can only be quenched by a millennia of hate. My blood went cold as Ice, and then boiled all in one heartbeat. I swaggered into the light like a Lion that had just devoured his foe had sex with all the lionesses and pissed on a hyena for good luck.
Oh man If I wasn’t a schizophrenic before I felt like it now. This menace had just made good friends with my mind and I felt like I was seeing out of two sets of eyes.
 I looked down at the passed out shape of Ben and my other self giggled as I picked him up by using the gaff as a lifting device. A muffled scream and the pain shot him awake again. I think he was saying No No No No but who cared anyway.

I tied his arms up and lifted him into the air hanging by his wrists his weight was now pulling at his shoulder sockets. The sight was just too much and I stripped Ben naked. The other me went mmmmmmm and took out my knife.

“Should we haves some throwing practice”

Oh this thing is good “you read my mind”
“I am your mind”
The first throw went low and slid into his left Quadriceps muscle and imbedded in bone.
The second shot was better Belly button – woohoo I said aloud then shushing myself and forgetting where I was. Poor old Ben he shit himself which is so predictable, next time I am going to shove something up their ass before I kill them!! 
The third shot I let Minsha take over. It was like I was there with all the sensations and the thoughts but another me was also there an older wiser me who had done it all before.
Beautiful shot right in the thorax and the blade protruded out through the back of the neck severing his spinal cord. His head lolled back and forward like a bobble head in a comic shop as the blood gushed out the wounds. We mentally high fived each other as I walked over and removed the blade from Bens neck. Oh he’s dead! So I slit him from ball sack to sternum and watched his insides fall outside.
Minsha made me walk over and bath in gore and blood that ran from the lifeless body. I stripped and masturbated in the blood and guts and fucked a section of the intestines. My climax was fucking out of this world it felt like my whole body reached climax not just my ball sacks. I collapsed and I think I passed out for a few seconds while a regained composure.

“Minsha likes David as hosts” “wes going to haves fun yous and me”

I agreed and then skinned Ben took the head off and made sure I had all fingers flayed and no prints anywhere.
My other self then opened my eyes to a new world and I could see all evidence I had been there and spent the next 30 mins cleaning and bagging up what I needed to take with me.
This is going to be fun you and me Minsha!

“yesssssss it issssss”
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