Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Thought for today!

My mind is racing with anticipation as to what should be my next novel!

I am looing to you people the readers as to what you think would be a good topic and source material. as you can see I love all things horror and the nastier the better. so what to write?

well I have a few ideas I have a few chapters of a new idea complete its called,


The fear of the dark is a common fear or phobia among children and, to a varying degree, of adults. Fear of the dark is usually not fear of the darkness itself, but fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by the darkness. Some degree of fear of the dark is natural, especially as a phase of child development. Most observers report that fear of the dark seldom appears before the age of 2 years. When fear of the dark reaches a degree that is severe enough to be considered pathological, it is sometimes called achluophobia

let me know if you like it its a new and slightly different tack for me by bringing two protaganists against eacj other as killers but the story is going to be heavy with some sarcjastic humour as well.