Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Self Publishing on Amazon.com and LuLu.com

For all of you aspiring writers out there like myself, you often hear people say well I have self published a book or a story.
Well I am hear to tell you that yes you can do it and its not that hard! the problem is in the format you have to follow. I have published and sold books on Amazon and LuLu anything from my horror "Malevolent" to a my latest Zombie thriller "Undead Me". There are a few things you have to do  first.
  • Find a great cover designer or free images you can use
  • Find or learn how to generate the cover yourself dont use the standards they supply
  • You need to stand out in the crowd
  • Find a niche you can use. (I love Horror so its easy for me)
  • Make a splash with your first chapter even the first paragraph needs to capture the readers immagination.
  • Be descriptive and find the right headings title.
  • Ask people (like me) for help dont be shy its only a few who will not want to assist you.
  • Publish in eBook and physical old school paper print. (LuLu, wordclay, etc)
  • Ensure you have between 50,000 and 60,000 words no real publisher will look at anything less than 60,000 words believe me!
  • Have a tag, a character, theme or group. The Goonies was a fantastic story! why because it had such a diverse array of characters and interplay with them all. IT by Stephen King one of my all time favourites has Pennywise the reason allot of adults cant stand clowns today!
  • download templates
  • join sites like Booksie or Bookrix to let others tell you if its any good or not!
  • take crits well and move on.
  • be polite when dealing with published authors they love that.
  • most of all have fun and write whats in your heart and mind.
I hope this helps a little or starts discussion as I love my hobby!