Tuesday, 10 July 2012

OK what I have is the first chapter of the novel for you to enjoy! now its not for everyone but most who read want more thats what I am hoping you will want also. its not about the money its about me wanting you to read what I have written, you see its kind of a drug, the things I write and others read and hopefully enjoy. So spend a few minutes and have a go if you like it tell me if not tell me also its all about you! not me I just want to entertain your senses.


By Graeme Hawke

Chapter 1 – The end

Don’t get me wrong I am not at all happy about what I did but this thing knows what I like, and this is what I like.

Such a beautiful sight it was, as I almost glided past the bed and into the stark contrast of an abstract painting that was the upstairs bathroom. Sitting on a plastic chair I placed centre room I watched as the knife blade slid easily into my flesh, much easier than even I had expected.

“It’s time to rest, in my own dark place!”  
I mumbled to myself as my life force flowed freely from the perfectly placed wound at each wrist. I knew it would not be quick, but I still wanted to relish in the final death I was responsible for, my own. Just the thought of it would normally make my penis throb with an aching desire for release, but without blood it stayed flaccid and only my mind was excited and expectant now.
With the bathroom emblazoned with light, it reminded me of a blindingly bright sunny day when you forget your sunglasses and walk out of a building into a blazing world of multi colours hovering at the edge of squinted eyes.
The lights I set up all around the tiny white tiled room stared back at me now, when I should have been sleeping next to Shelly my beautiful and now violated dead wife.
Looking around in a haze my thoughts drifted to a better time of love and laughter, no voices, no evil, no doubts, just a silence of knowing.
The stark white room looked for all intensive purposes like an operating theatre after a major bleeder let loose.
“Fuck you, you’re not going to make me do any of THIS again”! I said out loud, knowing that the recipient of my fervour resided in my twisted dark mind.
“I know you can hear me Minsha don’t go playing dead on me just yet, once I’m dead your dead. -  Remember! I know your little secret, I know how!” I mumbled as I started to slide into a surreal state, where walls and floor melded as one and swirled into a pit of despair and anguish that began to void me of my mind.
Every square inch of the white tiled bathroom was bathed in beautiful brilliant bright fluorescent light, looking like a triage room where the only patients are soldiers with legs and arms missing, gaping holes in their chests and massive head trauma.
My mind now feeling like a giant bowl of pea soup I remembered my work as an engine designer and that I am or at least was a proud father of two beautiful daughters, and  my wife Shelly, so beautiful, so caring, so dead. She forgave me when I worked late as she did everything that both parents should have done, while I hit deadlines at the plant. My love now lay in the adjoining bedroom; her pretty head hanging by the cord which encases the nervous system from the base of the skull to her spine, spit and blood, crusted on her still beautiful blue lips, drying like baked earth on the Serengeti.

“I hate you”!

And if this is the only way out then so be it, I shouted into the darkness of my own mind.
Why don’t you talk to me, normally you can’t wait to get in my head.

“I Loves yous David”

“I have you beaten?  Don’t I”?
“There is no way you will get out of here to make another monster like me you god damn leach mother fucker”!
To an outsider the sight and sounds coming from the bathroom would have been a muddle of grunts, whispers and moans, mixed with some laughter.
Just 25 minutes ago I ran found the 10 meter extension cord that was in the shed, coiled up tighter than a brown snake ready to strike.  I removed an 8 socket power board from the main LED 42Inch TV and placed it all in the bathroom as there was nowhere near enough power outlets to use for the lights I needed to hang and place around the walls, ceiling and floor around my white plastic chair.  
It sounds almost sane what I was doing compared to the evil I had perpetrated just hrs prior. But I knew this is what had to be done! The only way to be free!
I spent weeks plotting to myself trying to halt the carnage I had committed! How many lives had I destroyed? I had forgotten. Teenagers both male and female street kids with nowhere to go, back packers and vagrants even a TV news readers son for god sake, but now it was too late, a day TOO LATE!
My two beautiful daughters, Charley 8 and Elizabeth 6, both staring up at me from the clotted water, with stiff doll like smiles and pleading glass eyes. Both quite dead from the wounds inflicted -  I had inflicted just minutes before. I made them watch as I murdered their mummy, raped strangled and cut her, almost decapitated by their deranged father.
Charley pleaded and cried out to me to stop and held little Lizzy tight in her arms so she could not see what I was doing to her mother. Shelly to her credit didn’t cry out much at all. Not wanting to upset them both as I worked my way up to ending her life.
I tried to stop but each time I lost my nerve a steady hand and a soothing voice helped me along and made sure I did not falter. The sex wasn’t love it was bestial lusting a power play, but inserting a huge black 12” dildo into Shelly’s vagina was just the best as I forced myself into her tight sweet ass. The stretching, tearing and violation was quite exquisite you see.

“see yous don’t haves to do this David we knows each others after all this times”

“FUCK OFF! I whispered to myself”
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