Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Beholden - Short Scifi Story (not for the faint of heart)

The Beholden
The lights moved from left to right and the shadows ran the opposite way through the slats in the linen cupboard door. The towels were soft but at the same time scratchy meaning they were getting close to being at the end of their life. “What the hell and I thinking about towels for” I said softly to myself. The smell of detergent and fabric softener strong on my senses, as I dared to peer out between the slats to see what was going on. Only a millimetre of two but I could still make out shapes. Oh shit they are coming again. This is the third night in a row, what can I do I’m just a fifteen year old girl in her jammies for god sake, GOD! Where are you now? I thought this was crap I had to endure dads Carls Sagan DVD’s and the crop circles and all that guff only to now be one of the believers.  Shit Mum! Where are you going, Dad stop her I said to myself but then saw him following right behind her. Noise from my bedroom, oh fuck its looking for me, shhhh gotta be quiet, if he hears me thinking I’m stuffed. Oh no Jeremy, not Jeremy he’s only seven leave him alone. I started to cry and my eyes filled with warm salty fluids that trailed down to my top lip. I tasted my own fear as I watched them walk slowly to the front door and out into the never yet again. More noise from my room, doors slamming, my bed now a mess on the floor, I can hear my clothes being thrown all over my room, Shhhhhh quiet it stopped and its searching the house, oh shit it’s looking for me, I can hear it chattering like an old typewriter clanging out letters and then a faint gurgle in reply, theirs two of them. I sneak a look once more, lights moving, horrible greenish yellow lights that if you look for too long hurts your eyes. My hand slowly moves to my side to try and move back further in the closet but there is no room, knitting needles mums old aluminium knitting needles are now under my palm the cool metal feels somewhat comforting as I think of that old red sweater she made me when I was six I fucking loved that thing. The door flew open and all I could see was a huge bulbous, well what had to be a head I gather in front of me humanoid features just like the shows dad made me watch and a small slit where the mouth was, I froze my spine cold as ice fear gripped me and then thank Christ the human survival instinct kicked in flee or fight, my right hand grasped those knitting needles and before I even realised it they were sticking out of the things huge left eye and it collapsed, I ran as fast as my jelly legs could carry me, the front is covered, the back door, run, run, oh fuck its locked, hide, No RUN! The laundry window is open, run, I get the window open half way out, freedom, run, oh shit!

I awoke on a cold table naked trapped held in place by some force I can’t explain, they looked at me three of them tall strange looking things wearing something that could be a tight fitting suit, maybe, a protrusion from the things foreheads wiggling like a worm, antennae maybe, oh fuck get away from there that’s not for anyone, pain oh shit I can feel the warmth as I piss myself as they insert something into me, it’s cold and its moving tears streaming down my face, I black out.

My room is in that tepid state of morning light when you just see the sun pierce through the new morns clouds. My stomach hurts and I think I need to puke, I get up make my way to the toilet, ah that’s not right, I look down blood, I only just finished two weeks ago I thought to myself. “Mum can you get me some pads please?” A flash as I went cold something hit me in my mind’s eye a figure, cold, nasty. I felt my abdomen as the pain hit me again, I held the area just above the pubic bone and my body trembled with cold fear as I felt it move inside me!

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012