Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chapter 6 - The plan - A short update chapter -brutal


Chapter 6 – The Plan

Ok driving to the airport what time is it four fifty in the morning, ok parcel was sent last night so the day ahead is meetings and a presentation then back to the hotel and find a victim. It’s balmy this morning, wallet do I have my wallet, yes ok good. I am so excited I don’t know how I am going to do this but hey keep calm that a boy.
Park up, place the ticket in my top pocket, other business men and women on their way, through the scanners, laptop out and belt off no beeping good, nod to the guy at the scanner, smile. “Excuse me sir can you bring your case over here please for testing.” An Indian voice asked politely. Smile “no problems you can check me while I pack up everything.” Stand still let him go over everything.
“You are all clear sir thank you” he says. Ok to the lounge, get some breakfast, check in and my seat is up front because I’m a platinum member, I fly way too much! A pancake that’s what I’ll have. Nice ass on that old duck, she would be a goer. Nod to a guy that’s always in there with me, he travels too much as well. I wonder if he has a hobby on the side like me. Back to my table eat sit and wait.
The flight was ok no problems, head to the rent a car place; have a fag before I get there. I don’t smoke much; travel allows me to without putting up with shit from the wife.
“Mr. Davies nice to see you again your car is in bay C3, now take the keys drive to the office, no drama. Meetings all went well, customer presentation was a hit, and I did well. Wait for five o’clock and go to the hotel, package in my brief case.
Checking in was a dream as usual they know me, up the elevator to my room; “can a book a table for seven tonight please for two people…….yes Davies, thank you” ok alibi is set up now wait.
Ok its six pm, got my jeans on and a pair of dyed black disposable overalls in my bag, a gimp mask I bought with the view of the wife letting me wear it while we had sex, the whole rape thing didn’t ignite her at all what a shame it was, now room key, car keys, wallet, check ok down stairs, use the stairs that way they won’t remember me using the lift with a bag, all good so far, outside now it’s cool and dusk, no real wind but a little nip in the air, just the way I like it, if it’s too hot I don’t care much for it.
Ok concentrate, drive west along Dougherty road, now head for the old sector in West Heidelberg, always nuffs walking along there and it’s a rough neighborhood. There’s a young lad sitting on a fence, no too close to home, pull into a park car park and wait.
Ok get out my heart is racing, in the trees, waiting, all in black I’m hard to make out amongst the shadows.
“Hey mister” Fuck a voice from behind me; shit I’m made, fuck!!!!!
Ok stay calm and smile, that’s it. “You talking to me son” I look at him with a grin like Wallace when he eats cheese.
“You looking for fun mister” he said in a whisper. “Fifty bucks I’ll suck you off right here.” He said again looking at me sniffing.
He’s a junky but he is only about sixteen, what the hell is he doing out here, think, oh well at least this way I don’t have to go looking for one. Wallet, I did around looking for the cash and give him a twenty. “You get the rest when you finish ok.” (That way you won’t run off when I give you the notes.)
“Ok sure I spose” he said as he led me to a clump of bushes and trees, on his knees I undid the overalls and unzipped my fly and my already hard penis hit the cool air awaiting the warmth of his mouth. The knife was a blur I slid it under the bottom of his jaw on the left side and angled the blade up into his brain. It scraped on bone and sinew as it pressed home and I slid it out slowly as he started to slump ready for another strike. He was looking at me his drugged up sight not believing what had happened to him and his blood and vita was all over my right hand making it warm then cold and sticky, copper, a metallic smell hit the air and I knew he was bleeding out. Leaning down I looked him in the eyes and said “Number Three” and his internal lights went out. As I watched I felt a shiver of pure pleasure wash over my body and I realized my penis had slipped back inside my zipper and I was ejaculating in my pants. Fuck me what was that about, move, now, the knife inside the bag I had, walk to the car hide the hand in the removed blood splashed overalls, ok bag, fold and push, stay calm fuck you, ok breath you just killed him, I smiled, my breath was starting to even out, the baby wipes got rid of most of the blood on my hands. Bag it all up, another plastic bag, more ties, and another for good measure. Slide it in the boot from the back seat that way they don’t know your putting something in the boot if they are watching, who’s watching! No-one calm down, nearly out, car in drive moving away, head west still away from the hotel. Shit what am I going to do with the bags of clothes’ and the knife, didn’t think that through too well! I know, ok find a woolies, the shops are shut now and most of them have industrial waste bins. There is a Coles that will do, steady don’t rush it. Park up next to it. Right slip it in and back in the car. The knife under my seat, wiped clean and bleached with white king, not here no way, to close together. Just ditch it on the way home out the car window, won’t find it for days and even if they do there is nothing of me on there not my blood and no prints now. Should be back in about fifteen minutes, walk up and put my trousers and shirt back on.
Hands clean, no real smell about me the quick shower worked well.
“Ah yes my Davies table for two sir” he motioned me forward. “Alas my dinner quest is indisposed so I will be by myself tonight” that’s it look at your watch, he did the same time stamp done.
I think I might treat myself to a steak tonight, life is good.
Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012