Monday, 29 October 2012

Chapter 5 - New chapter for my new Novel


Chapter 5 – Life, Love and Murder

The sun was shining, some beautiful high strata clouds overhead, some Wily Wagtails dancing like two finalists on ‘So you think you can dance’, to some interpretative routine, and the thoughts in my head leading me to stop doing what I had started, How pathetic am I!
The coffee I am drinking is so aromatic it’s almost dream inducing. I love my Cibo coffee and cake on a Sunday morning while watching all the pretty young things walk past in the Mall. This one coming is ok, Oh my god look at the arse on that one.
“Dad can I have another bite of your chocolate cake, Pleeeeese!” Lou asked with her eyes wide and beckoning.
“Of course you can” I said and passed the spoon to her. It always looks better if I am with her as I scout the landscape, coz she is cute and I look less threatening. A blond walked over turned and sat down across from me in a small skirt and top. I love short skirts and I glanced at her thighs with the anticipation of a flash of her panties underneath, ah there ya go pink under denim is always a favorite with me, heart racing, pounding the blood downstairs.
“Dad I want an ice cream, can we get an ice cream after you’re finished?” Lou interrupted my train of thought.
“What, yeah sure baby… can have ice cream” I replied back to her as I tried to steal another glimpse of that amazing sight but she had crossed her legs and the opportunity passed.
As usual the coffee was great and the cake good, my leg was playing up a little and I was replaying the radio report from this morning in my head. They didn’t find her until today that’s two days, and it was only because of the smell as someone walked past that they found her. Cops don’t have a clue totally different mo to that of the other murder, so I hope I have them on the run. It doesn’t stop me from hoping I didn’t do something wrong and they know it’s me, no talk of anything but the cops keep stuff back and don’t tell everything. The more I act normal the more I fit in.
The sun on my face is refreshing but there is only so much heat a man can bare, but it does bring out the miniskirts and see through dresses.
“can we go to Toys R Us dad” Lou asked with a hint of I always get my way in her eyes.
“I suppose we can, but only to look, your mother will kill me if you come home with more Leggo!” I replied to her with a fake scowl on my face that turned into a smile.
The rest of the day went easy and I dropped her home and took off again as it was only one pm and the wife was at lunch with the girls from the gym, and Lou will be fine with her new leggo and her big sister to look after her.
I am anxious and I feel it in my stomach, I want to drive past where I left the body but I don’t dare in case someone sees my car and points to me, I know I’ll go to Peep a view in the city. I was playing it out in my head park up walk in, get change and then head for a booth. I listened to the radio on the way their just to see if anything was going on but hey its Adelaide nothing happens. I park up the coolness of my car is forgotten as the heat from outside hits me and I sweat almost instantly on my brow. I walk slowly to the front stairs next to an Italian restaurant, never know its name as my head is always down at this point as to not make eye contact with anyone outside. The walk up is stifling and I can feel the cold air coming down to meet me and I am reinvigorated as I hit the landing. There are a couple of guys in there all not looking at each other and the young guy behind the counter said hello and I ask him for twenty dollars in two dollar coins. He complies and says just give her a minute as she’s in a private show. I look at the DVDs on the wall and walk fast away from the gay section as I walk in, homos! I can’t stand them, but for some reason I want a tranny to suck me off, go figure! Ok walk in a cubicle and close the door behind me, make sure a latch it shut.
Ok get some tissues out of the dispenser, drop my shorts and a drop ten bucks worth in the coin slot that should be enough to get me off. The smell of wasted seamen fills my nostrils and I look down at the waste basket and see a mountain of lost children absorbing into the paper towel.
The window un-frosts and there is a tall red head strutting around looking directly at me as she sits and opens her legs showing her perfectly bald vaginal lips. My breath is starting to labour already and she reaches for a huge black dildo by her side, and she uses it to part her awaiting lips. She bites down on her bottom lip and flicks her hair and then she stands turns and opens her legs toward my window, my hand is almost a blur in my peripheral vision as I watch her slide a smaller device into her ass at the same time. My eyes are closing, knees going weak, tissue in place, I can feel the heat and moisture from the gushing substance as it makes my hand sticky and now the cold is hitting my head as it relaxes and slackens in my hand. I look up and she is satisfied as the window flashes and turns frosted again. Wow that’s better, get it all, wipe it clean and drop it in the waste bin with the rest. I could almost hear the screams of children unborn as I pulled my shorts up and got myself together as I unlatched the door and moved out into the awaiting room full of DVDs and perverts.
Keep walking Charles don’t engage that’s it the stairs are up ahead, good keep going that’s it almost out in the street, head down now walk to the car. “What are you looking at bitch” stupid fat mole stop judging me for having a wank over a chick fucking herself coz my sex life is about as interesting as your face.
Don’t get upset now, you should be happy you just had the release you were looking for. That’s right I am happy now, I was whistling some tune in my head and my mind drifted back to the heat, damn it’s hot in here, turn the air up to arctic blast, that’s it much better now, It’s time to go home, why? Why go home to my dull existence, coz I have to!
Another day over with another night to endure, the kids are going homework and the wife is ironing, bitching the entire time as to why she has to do it, for fuck sake I work all week she does twenty hrs a week and spends the rest of her time at the gym or out to lunch with those skinny wannabe bitches, and she always wants me to be friends with them and their husbands, what a joke, apart from Marcus the rest are a bunch of sterile and ineffectual wankers, Kate his wife is lovely and enjoys the sauce, tall blond and always friendly, I don’t know why but I can’t bring myself to thinking of her in that way, maybe it’s because she is nice. I am watching Sues ass move side to side as she irons in her underpants and a tank top because it’s hot. I still love that phat ass of hers its why I fell for her in the first place, wasn’t the blowjobs that’s for sure. I laughed aloud not meaning to. “What’s so funny” she turned and said as I chuckled, oh don’t tell her she’ll go off, “I was watching your ass move and thinking about giving it a smack like I used to” I said in reply. “Well if you’re a good boy I might let you later” she said back at me. What am I a dog now, if you’re a good boy “GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH”.
“Oh look who’s horny” I said instead, and she smiled back at me. Oh yay a dead fuck again tonight, that’s if I’m lucky because she normally says this shit and then says she’s tired. We’ll see.
The news is on soon, “can I turn the TV over honey” I cooed. Oh good she’s handing me the remote. Chanel nine news, that’s the one for me, they are the best by far. Ok sit down and act calm Charles.
The body found off of hackney road at Northfield was that of local woman Lindsay Lewis, the nineteen your old went missing three days ago and was found by a local woman who was walking her dog. Police have yet to release a cause of death, but did indicate the attack was of a sexual nature…… in other news
Oh so they are not going to release it all, keep it back in case someone is caught and says to much that wasn’t leaked to the press. “That’s terrible and it was only around the corner too” sue piped in with. “it was miles away and babe you don’t go walking in the morning so your safe” (smiling but laughing inside) “And what does that mean?” she came at me. “Nothing darling I am merely stating a fact; (no one wants an old bitch like you anyway) that’s all” I said back, I should add in its because your such a dead root I go looking for them, but hey, now is not the time.
It’s strange I know now as I am laying here in bed waiting for my wife to finish her ritualistic cleaning of the pussy, brushing her teeth and putting on sexy underwear that makes her feel twenty years younger, but see through nylon is not a magical material. Shhhh the doors opening, my hand is instinctively on my meat.
Damn she actually looks ok; maybe this will be ok for a change.
The next few days were uneventful and I won’t bore you with the details needless to say I had the urge to kill again, but not like you see in the movies or these sensational dramas, I am a serial Killer! I understand now, it’s not the voices in my head, it’s what I want to do, it’s not the sex, I don’t think it is anyway, it’s the thought of holding someone as they expire, it’s just intoxicating, powerful, almost god like if I believed in a god that is. All know is I can’t remember shit from before I was born and I am not going to know shit after I’m dead. Right so now I need to kill a male, not a woman, and no sex involved, and a knife this time, random, from behind, what knife can I use, shit I don’t have one and I don’t want to keep it after. I’ll have to steal one from somewhere, I can’t risk a shop, a restaurant, that’s it I’ll take the family to the Oriental for dinner and steal a knife and sharpen it up and tape the handle to get extra leverage. This is exciting, I might just do some work now I have it planned.
Dial, Sue, mobile, “Hello what do you want, you never call me unless it’s an emergency”
“Well I was thinking and I want to take you and the girls out to dinner at that place on main northeast road….yep that’s the one….do I have to have a reason, I love you isn’t that good enough…..good ok be ready I have reservations at six thirty……..that’s ok I’ll be home in time to change don’t worry, ok bye” ok that’s done I have a knife on the way and now where that’s me next problem, oh shit I’m baring up again, it’s the killing I am sure of it that makes me Horney not me being Horney that causes me to kill. Ok think where, can’t be close by has to be away from here, what about on my trip to Melbourne on Thursday, yes its only Tuesday I have two days get the knife send it by courier to the Melbourne office addressed to me and that way I’m covered with getting through the airport, and I can take out someone at night while I am supposed to be in a hotel.
I need to masturbate!