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Chapter 4 - Getting away with Murder


Chapter 4 – Getting away with murder

“A body was found just after eight pm tonight in a shallow ditch, one kilometer south of Outer harbor, the body is being taken to Adelaide forensics building to hopefully identify the victim.”
“On a lighter note the handbag affair that has local offi……….”
Turn that down, so they don’t know who did what, but they wouldn’t say yet anyway, the cops would have it all under wraps until they work the scene and look for any evidence. Shit! I didn’t try and hide the tread marks on the tires! Oh well I need new ones anyway, I’ll do it later though not just yet if I act to early they might trace the tire back to a car make and find me. (No they won’t, they have no motive and no suspect) that’s right I’m not a criminal I don’t exist on any data bases anywhere.  
“You coming to bed babe.” My wife asked my quietly from behind.
“na I think I’ll just sit and finish watching the news first hun” I replied back to her, but I won’t be watching the TV for long. Door closed, right start up the computer, check emails, nothing, face book, a few likes and shit but as usual it’s a load of crap. Anyone who can tell me otherwise is a demented teenager, Face book is crap and just a way for people to stay out of arms reach coz you’re never anonymous on the net!
Ok Porn, Xvids yes full a facial teen, that’s more like it. Hello daddy, the little fella is ready and willing, and the open air feels good around my shaft. Slowly don’t be in a rush now, but fuck she is cute, take it bitch, oh yes that’s it, concentrate Charlie, don’t unload yet, but she is so hot, oh that’s a girl take it all, make her gag on it, OH fuck yes that’s it take it all over your face baby.
Always a mess, but always a release.
Ok turn it off and get ready for bed big day tomorrow, I might start a new novel about a serial killer who is just an average Joe. That’s it my writers block has left the building, I will start tomorrow, and maybe I can use my escapade from tonight as a start point. (Yawn!) oh well there is always more where she came from.
Eyes opening, the face of that young girl she’s looking up at me, got my meat in her mouth. That’s it baby take it all. My cock is getting hot, what’s going on, her face is melting the heat, my cock is on fire, I scream!
Jolted awake I am trembling and sweating.
“Are you ok love” Susan asks as she pats my arm.
“Yep all good love” I whisper back to her.
Damn that was weird, I have never had such an intense feeling in my dreams before, and this is new. Guilt I wonder, conscience maybe? I don’t know which but if I can relive the murders in my mind like this, who needs porn, my knob is the size of a babies forearm, and tight like its fit to burst.
Back to sleep with you Charles you’re up early for the gym remember, that’s it drift off and remember.
That stopped it. Five thirty am up and dressed. Drive to the gym, and get on that treadmill you fat bastard. On the drive I remember what happened the night previous. A smile blooms over my face. It was so easy, so damn easy, I bet I could do one in the morning as well if I plan it right, have to be random though, no plan or pattern or they will trace me. No sex either no chance of DNA to catch me with, just the thrill of power. A young girl was in the gym already, no not her to obvious, needs to be away from here and quick so I can get to here and have an alibi between home and here. Age sex does it matter, yes it matters the young ones are so cute. They run and walk early all the time. Tomorrow? Maybe? We’ll see, keep walking fatty.
Drive back is so good wet and cool in the summer morning, a bit stinky, need a bath, drive home quiet, park up and go inside no-one up yet. Tiptoe in the bathroom, turn the water on and slide in the tub, the warm water washes away everything. The door opens its Susan in her nighty, she sits takes a piss and removes the flimsy material as she walks to the shower. I grab her and pull her close to the bath edge. “C’mon babe jump in with daddy”
“Leave me alone you idiot, I gotta get ready for work and your all smelly, and you are not my daddy” she snapped back at me as she pushed my advances away.
“Fuck you then” I said aloud.
“What so it’s my problem I don’t want to jump in the bath with you so you can stick that thing in me and satisfy yourself, bla bla bla bla bla.” I switched off as usual and just said, “Whatever you stuck up bitch”
She showered and got out while I made her watch me masturbate in the warm bath, calling out other women’s names, as I came.
“Feel better now you psycho” she said
“As a matter of fact I do you cold hearted bitch! God forbid you get horny at all and if it’s not on your back in bed with a fucking mask on your eyes we don’t do anything, GOD forbid you ever suck me off what’s it been twelve years!” I spat at her.
She started to cry and ran out of the bathroom, I wanted to show remorse for what I had said but I just couldn’t, I wanted to bash her face in truth be told.
I drained the soapy water and dried off, dressed and left for work as soon as I could, I kissed a sleepy Lou on the head and yelled up to the other one still getting dressed. I stole a glance at Susan and my lip curled and I went to the car and drove to work.  Stupid bitch! Who does she think she is if she doesn’t like it then she can piss off? I earn all the cash anyway her measly pittance wouldn’t keep her in gym clothes and shoes for a week. Now I’m annoyed I need to subdue my senses for a while, radio that will do it, inane comedic morning radio. Humming some old eighties tune in my head, that finishes.
This is the seven o’clock news. Police are investigating a murder last night when the body of what we know now was a young woman was found burning in a shallow ditch north of Adelaide, there are no details at this point and police are not saying what the cause of death is……..More on the driver who ran a red lig…..” Ignoring the rest I drifted back to the comments and the fact that I knew it was me almost made me smile.
The day went off without a hitch, phone calls meetings, people I would rather kill than listen too, maybe I might do one of them at work, that could be interesting but too close to home, that would be like doing the missus, they would look at me first, they always do. No random need to keep it random.
Driving home just had a fag I managed to talk out of Paul, nice guy one of the originals, him I wouldn’t kill. Better not let her catch me with smoke on my breath, ok gum in the console, two sticks, that’s better. Sing along home.
The evening passed without a hitch its now five fifteen, I have my gym bag and a small rope I found in the garage in my bag, its about a meter long with short fibers sticking out of it and it’s a three ply from what I could tell last night. I knotted it about three inches apart in the centre to dig in the esophagus when I tighten it, and I have a half inch dowel tied about eight inches around from the knot to use as a fulcrum to twist tighter.
Ok take off the house is quiet, go left not right and don’t do anything stupid, my mind is racing, my palm sweaty, and my cock is bulging in my shorts. The weather is balmey so they should be in lightweight clothes. I drive for a couple of minutes and pass a woman to the left, too old; you could see the cellulite in her thighs through her tights, Yuk. A little further on a little brunette, jogging with headphones, I drive past not glancing sideways, up ahead is a new housing development and that black covering on the fence so you can’t see behind it. This is it, drive around to the right, my heart is racing, stop, turn it off and get out, my hoodie up and the rope concealed in my gloved hands. There is a gap in the fence and the black covering makes it almost a perfect spot. A car the other way, ducking now to keep out of sight, lucky she has the iPod going can’t hear a thing. She jogs past, now, its gotta be now! I slide out and grab her by the mouth and upper chest, she fights but I’m too big too strong, I drag her back behind the blackness and in the dark I can see the fight in her eyes the determination she will fight me off. I move behind her and place a knee in the small of her back keeping her off balance and my hand on her mouth. Her neck is almost at full extension, she fights but the lack of oxygen is slowing her down. I reach back and place a tennis ball in her mouth and the rope around her neck, my adrenaline was pumping my left hand was fondling her all over under her top in her shorts and finding every hole with my deft fingers. I had her out cold still a pulse though, good I had a condom in my pocket ready and as she falls I pull her shorts down exposing her expertly trimmed and waxed vagina, as I slide in she starts to breath heavy so I place my left hand on her throat and with all my weight push down her eyes popped open and she saw my face in the throes of my final slide inside and out her body, fear looked up at me as she pleaded with her eyes but as I exploded in her warmth she stopped breathing and her eyes rolled back into her head. A shudder came over me and the thrill of the act meant I was a happy camper but I also felt cheated that it was over; I had to get sorted and leave before the sun came up and she would be discovered. I left the rope behind and the condom on my penis pulled up my pants and got into the car. Drive slowly, no lights not yet, I move into a side street and flick on my lights and take the back roads around to my gym the other direction. The condom was falling off my withered member so I grabbed it and tied it off and left it under the front seat. Ok go inside say hello to everyone.
“Morning Bruce, how are ya mate” I said to an aging man in his fifties. Morning Charlie early isn’t it mate?” he replied. “No it’s only five forty” I said back smiling and denoting the time so it was stamped in his subconscious if he was ever asked. As far as my wife was concerned this morning I awoke at five thirty as usual because I put the clock forward in the bedroom as well.
I worked out for an hour and then went home for a bath as usual and dropped the condom out the window on the way home, it would be road kill in a hour anyway as cars drive over it so that was ok. My bath was hot and uneventful and I didn’t even react when Susan came in naked for her shower. “What not going to try and rape me again this morning” she said with a scowl on her face. I just looked at her and said. “No need, I got all I needed at the gym this morning” as I smiled she frowned but let it go.
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