Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Carnal Knowledge - A small start chapter

“Carnal Knowledge”

The tiny silver dew drops slid across the golden Orb spiders’ web like liquid mercury flowing down an invisible pipe, the insect an eight legged plumber orchestrating the flow of each drop as it deftly walks across the silken truss. All this beauty is caught as the morning suns warming ray’s glide seamlessly through the glade of trees, and the almost dance like movement of the attached leaves creating a ballet of shadows in its wake, almost inducing strobe light unease.

The silent scream that would never be heard from the now mortis glistening blue lips of the naked corpse sitting under the giant oak tree, a damning edifice of evil and defilement in this most beautiful of resting places.

Ugly shades of blue and grey mottled skin defaced the magnificent shades of autumn greens and subtle browns, with a trail of foliage destruction formed by the murderous tyres of a vehicle that so callously dumped the lifeless mannequin in its final resting place.  Wounds and damage to the body were instantly evident by the movement of insects, in and out of both natural and unnatural orifices. The coagulated dark red-black of blood and excreta now a haven for flies and crawling creatures from far away all doing their jobs to remove all traces of the expired physical biological form.

The fingers clawed into the shape of a leafless tree branch reaching for an unknown assailant, and mousy blond hair that mirrored that of a scurrying wood-nymph with twigs and leaves strewn at random to offer a hint of camouflage as she ran the forest floor. The twisted visage of the mouth agape with multiple invaders moving in and out seemed to take on voice as a silence shattering scream escaped the vocal cords of seventeen year old camper Tracy Livingston, that voided the surrounding area of any and all bird and wild life.