Thursday, 5 June 2014

"FAMILY" - Free for three days this weekend at AMAZON 28th-30th Nov

AVAILABLE for three days this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for free download on

Look for it on your local AMAZON web site its available for all countries.

The life of depravity and ultimate suicide of Dave Stewart a family man, a business owner, and an accomplished serial murderer, draws Detective Steve Jackson into a web of lies, deceit and the unknown.
He has seen his fair share of murder and vice over the years but he is struggling to come to terms with what he thinks he saw at the bloody crime scene and ultimate resting place for Dave Stewart.
Visions and a feeling of something trying to bore into his mind plague him now constantly and feelings of hate and vengeance surface that he has long put behind him.
Leon Sparks sets in motion a series of events that see the unlikely union of murderer and police officer both fighting the one thing in life we can’t choose, Family.
The age old adage that you can choose your friends but not your family is one that has been cited down through the ages, but it has never been more relevant than for Detective Steve Jackson.
The “Family” has been formed by a sadistic, malevolent and evil creation of forces unknown and humanity, and with his extended family of murderers and depraved minds he has a plan.
Just what that plan is only Owen Van De Meer really knows, and he is in two minds about everything. The only one thing for certain is that there will be bloodshed and depravity wherever he goes.
A race to find a way stop Owen and the killings will tear the upper levels of society apart, and the family are used to hiding in plain sight.
The answers resides in an old run down Mental Asylum and the resulting release of the unknown and the realization that if you listen to the voices in your head there is nothing you can’t do, leads to an explosive ending that has been a millennia in the making.