Thursday, 5 June 2014

"ALEX" - Free for three days this weekend at AMAZON 28th -30th Nov

"ALEX" Free for two days this weekend Saturday and Sunday at your  AMAZON site.

Look out for your local site its available world wide

Alex Watson was just a normal teenager whose life was turned upside down at the death of his mother. He now unwillingly finds himself in the middle of a government conspiracy, and before he can do anything to change the course of events he and his two best friends are murdered and left for dead.
There is just one problem is he dead? 
Alex soon learns that survival is not simple anymore, and with his memories fading and his hunger is growing he struggles to hold on to his humanity. He is now part of the desperate many UnDead, looking for a way to sustain their thoughts, their dreams and cling on to a small proportion of what might be called LIFE! 
For Jeremy Watson and his daughter Alice, it’s a do or die effort to find a son and brother. Sheriff Rodger Masters, his deputy Steve Iverson, and a young man Chad are all drawn together to find Alex and the answers they need.

Captain Bison on the other hand wants J74 for himself, can Alex stop him before he causes an all out zombie war.